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The bank is still registered with the FDIC as GE Capital Retail Bank (FDIC Certificate # ). It has been a FDIC member since For more details, please refer to our financial overview of GE Capital Retail Bank (soon to be Synchrony Bank).

My husband and I purchased furniture from Rooms To Go on 3 different occasions and they stated to us each time that it was zero interest for one year since we were going through Synchrony Bank. I was given a Toys R Us account, which is weird, because less than 5 yrs ago, I declared bankruptcy. I did what he said, and just as I expected, it didn't work and I am back at square one.

QVC Credit Card Payment – Home shopping retailer offers its credit card through Synchrony Bank. Go here to pay your bill online. (hereufilbk.gq) Sam’s Club Credit Cards Payment – Synchrony Bank is the issuer of Sam’s consumer and business credit cards. Click through to pay online.
The bank is still registered with the FDIC as GE Capital Retail Bank (FDIC Certificate # ). It has been a FDIC member since For more details, please refer to our financial overview of GE Capital Retail Bank (soon to be Synchrony Bank).
GE Capital Retail Bank is the economic services unit of the multinational conglomerate General Electric. GE Capital provides a wide range of financial services for things such as aviation, communication, entertainment, health care, media and real estate.
At the time I financed through GE Capital Retail Bank. I made my first payment around 06/16/ when due. My intention was to pay this purchase off within 2 years/5().
QVC Credit Card Payment – Home shopping retailer offers its credit card through Synchrony Bank. Go here to pay your bill online. (hereufilbk.gq) Sam’s Club Credit Cards Payment – Synchrony Bank is the issuer of Sam’s consumer and business credit cards. Click through to pay online.
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QVC Credit Card Payment – Home shopping retailer offers its credit card through Synchrony Bank. Go here to pay your bill online. (hereufilbk.gq) Sam’s Club Credit Cards Payment – Synchrony Bank is the issuer of Sam’s consumer and business credit cards. Click through to pay online.

I told him I would but I wasn't sure when I could do it I was trying to stall for time. I contacted my bank, told them the situation, they told me to come in and close the account and open a new one. I left work early on Friday and went straight to my bank. After explaining the situation, we closed my account and opened a new one.

In the process, we discovered where the money came from, and why this man said it couldn't be sent back. He somehow was able to get into my account and reverse payments I had made with auto-pay, making my account look like I had these funds available to be withdrawn. My bank is investigating the matter, and working on getting those funds reversed back to where they came. Plus, I'm also afraid that he can try to sue me because I did agree to send those funds to Western Union, as well as participating in the first Western Union transaction.

What can I do now? I have this guy's name, phone, email, company address, our email correspondence back and forth. At this point in all of this, I'm sure all of his info is bogus but it's worth a try. Any kind of help or advice would be appreciated.

Besides me trying to repair the damage, I want to make sure that this doesn't happen to other people. Thank you for reading this. Well I have been trying to pay my bill now for 2 days, and I've only got 2 days left before it becomes late I would like to have this emails from foreign countries caught so they stop making people happy when they promise a long term loan and also they demand your login and password internet logging with the promise that they need it to get paid once a month.

Malcolm was great, Sean on the other hand, not so much. He would rush me off the phone, over talk me which entailed me not being able to get what I needed answered before rushing me off of the phone. He asked me what time would I be able to get to a Walmart to be able to transfer back the money to him. I have not the slightest clue, due to him talking way too fast and again rushing me off of the phone.

Sean decided to call me at 5 am, waking me up. That is unprofessional and not ok. I received call after call. After doing so he said that my loan would then be deposited into my account. He contacted me later that same day after getting those iTunes cards to say that I had to do it again the next morning because of an insurance in case I happen to not make a payment due to whatever reason: I explained my frustration due to me asking him earlier in the morning if the first time was it and did not have to do anything else.

Clearly he does not know or it was a scam. Despite my frustration with having to do this again - which is such a hassle and too much of an inconvenience at the cost of the the consumer - I did it again.

I was only able to get worth of cards due to a spending limit with my bank. I was able to get my account unfrozen so I can do what he requested. After doing so I go and get the last 4 cards and email pictures of the codes on the back so he can verify them.

He tells me that the loan would be deposited into my account by 11 am. At the point when he mentioned that, it was roughly 8 am, so 3 hours was not a big deal.

I didn't check around 11, I checked around pm and nothing. I got ahold of him, said he would call me back, never did. I texted that same number and no responses, I called and was quickly rushed off the phone, he texted saying I have nothing to worry about and that he would call me soon. It is currently pm and I have not heard a single word. I feel this is a scam and I excuse my language am beyond pissed, that was too much of a hassle for it to be this way.

I sincerely hope this is not a scam and that he is just horrible at his job, I spend too much time doing what he demanded. I have receipts along with the iTunes gift cards I've bought, I have emails and texts as well. I again, am highly upset, I counted on that loan, I started making plans to get what I needed done and now I have to undo the plans because of this unnecessary and horrible experience. This may have been a scam, the more I play it in my head the more it sounds like one, but I'm hoping he's just absolutely horrible at his job and should be dealt with accordingly and this be handled appropriately.

Loan application number GE Money Inc: This has been the absolute worst experience and my friends and family will not be lending through them - if this is not a scam. This is the worst customer experience I have ever had and I deal with customers on a daily basis myself and would get fired if I treated customers the way he has done.

I have several accounts with this company and have an overall good experience with them. I see people complaining about accounts being closed for non-use. Well all credit card companies do the same and about the payment due date. If it is not on the day that is good for you can call them and they will change it for you. And I use paperless statements and get every month and the same day. Well before the due date. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I have had several 5 that are carried by Synchrony Bank. Prob here is with a WalMart Card. I paid on the 3rd. I was told it was a late charge. I'd always paid the same each month. They would NOT take the fee off or change the prob.

They said it would be applied back to the Jan. I paid in good faith for Feb. I could get into my WalMart account page, but it would not let me into the part to make a payment.

I am 76 yrs. I have other things to worry about than this sorry bunch at Synchrony. If you have cards handled by them, get away while you can! Read all the other complaints! Terrible company -- They closed my account and didn't even know it.

We spent a lot of money with GE, paid off the note, and didn't use it for a while. Called and said account was closed. Hurt our credit rating. Not a good way to do business. I opened a JCPenney credit card in May of I used it as I needed and paid it off immediately! I was inactive for 3 month, practicing good credit common sense, hoping for rewards, instead Synchrony Bank closed my account because I let it go dormant. I tried to get them to explain and the manager [Danniele] told me because I let my account go dormant.

The result of them closing my account dropped my credit score by 32 point. This bank should be reviewed for their practice. Do yourselves a big favor. Stay as far away from Synchrony Bank as you possibly can. They are rotten thieves, with little to no customer service contact when you want to call them and tell them that you already made your monthly payment, and to stop calling you every other day, with a recording that says, "You did not make your payment," when you have your confirmation number issued by this company every month that you made your payment on time.

My problem with Care Credit Synchrony Bank is their ridiculous online website. One would think with as many companies they represent for credit that they could have a decent site. I think they intentionally make it difficult to so that the accrued interest has to be paid. I do not use paperless billing as I do not trust this bank to provide. They are so incompetent.

And if one does not accept paperless billing, one cannot view statements online. I like to pay online but going forward will have to pay by check. The statements always arrive very late after the closing date with a very small window to get the check written and mailed in a timely fashion, like 3 days.

I always tried to pay the statement right after the time I knew to be the closing date. I started keeping extensive notes as to closing dates, charges and balances as Synchrony could not be relied upon to provide correct information. Every single time I log on I have to change my password as they say my password does not match.

Believe me when I say I keep accurate records of my passwords. I only use this card for medical emergencies. I doubt will use again. I truly believe they make it difficult on the cardholders intentionally. This garbage company closed my account after only being inactive for 3 months; stuff like this defeats the purpose of building a credit history.

I was never late. I actually paid my balance off early and I was rewarded with a closed account for inactivity of 3 months. I called mysynchrony whoever these broken English speaking people were. I asked "how long would it take before an account is closed for no activity? I was never late and paid off my complete balance early. Now I can't even pull up my past purchase history. I only had this card for less than a year thru sweetwaters.

This is totally a waste of trying to build credit when the only thing they did was hurt it. This is the opposite of helping. It's more deliberating destroying credit.

Synchrony Bank charges accounts for fees that hurt consumers, are predatory credit practices, and cause much damage to credit records undeservedly.

I would not do business with this bank for any reason or with any retailer who uses their services. If you accidentally miss a payment they will add a large late fee, even if you immediately correct the situation. They continue to add fees while it is in dispute. This is what happened to me and it hurt my credit which cost me a job opportunity and hiring premiums on insurance and other payments. They truly need to be reigned in, but nobody seems willing to do it. They sent me an email for my first statement saying it is online.

I can't log in because they say my information is not available online. I call customer service and after fighting through the long automated system, I finally get a representative. He is not helpful at all, and in all fairness, me being rude to him probably didn't help. He never helped us, he gave me his scripted answer which didn't apply, and refused to do anything else. I still can't access my statement or my account.

I am not sure how I am supposed to pay my bill. I asked for paper statements, but he gave me a vague answer that didn't mean I was going to get a paper statement. I did what he said, and just as I expected, it didn't work and I am back at square one. I'm completely upset with Toys R Us.

This bank is useless.. Very very poor customer service. When I talk to customer service, I feel helpless. They don't understand anything. I have hard time telling Sychrony Bank that I made genuine attempt to repay the amount. I even got the BofA letter issued stating that i made an attempt to repay the amount but the Synchrony bank is not accepting. I don't know how to deal with them. My entire credit history which was well maintained for years got severely impacted because of this incident.

I suggest everyone to avoid credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank to avoid nightmare. I opened a Belk card with these losers and closed my account a month later. Since then I have been hit with late fees when I still see online payments pending.

The funds were deducted from my bank and yet they charge me twice in one month. I had the misfortune of applying for credit with, walmart, amazon, and qvc. It started out, purchases were made and I started paying back immediately.

They can never explain what happened to your payments you've made. I tried to send my items back and wipe my account clean.

They wont accept anything after 30 days, so you're stuck with them. I'm also thinking about filing bankruptcy on them as well. I have never seen a more pathetic excuse for a financial entity. I have at one time held 7 accounts with GE but since Synchrony took over, I have closed all but 3. I will stay with reputable, consistent and "human-ran" companies such at Cap One. Synchrony I hope to see your company fall from the skies in a ball of flames. To hell with you! I have tried to reason with Synchrony Bank.

I have asked for payment arrangements. They just will NOT accept any options. When I call, it's like speaking to a robot. These rewards points are typically exchanged for reward certificates that can be redeemed at the affiliated retailer. In addition to an extensive line of co-branded credit cards, GE Capital Bank also offers a variety of private label credit cards.

Private label credit cards are cards that are branded for a specific retailer. If the retailer is not the one in charge of managing the card, a third party would issue the card and collect all payments.

These GE Capital cards sometimes offer cardholders promotional financing, fixed payment, and reward options. A GE Capital Retail Bank credit card would be a good option for someone who was looking for a credit card that is affiliated with a specific retailer. Although GE Capital credit cards typically offer reward options, GE Capital cards are also sometimes not affiliated with any major payment network.

By providing this information you help us make our news letters more useful and informative. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any online applications for this bank. However, our experts have matched very similar credit card offers which might be just as good or better available from other banks!

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer online application for. Some of the criteria reviewed include, but are not limited to, the following: Furthermore, this rating is NOT influenced by any compensation received by any partners listed on Credit-Land. Intro APR on Purch. Intro APR on Bal.

FICO ® Scores are available by accessing the online account servicing site at hereufilbk.gq Your FICO ® Score displayed is for informational purposes and based on data from TransUnion. Scores are available online only to primary cardmembers with an open account. Pay Ge Capital quickly and securely with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover debit card, or with your bank account, online or with your mobile phone on doxo. To access the mailing address for your Synchrony Financial retail credit card account, you will need to reference the monthly bill that you either receive through the .

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