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Someone pointed this discussion out to me. No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors. I have watched girls wear these for years and am always horrified by it. Polyester, Cotton Pattern Type:

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May 17,  · A headmistress has banned short skirts as she doesn't want the 'hefty' girls to become targets. The Loose Women discuss school uniforms.
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What Every Volleyball Mom Should Know. I don’t get it at all. When I was in high school (late 90’s), girl volleyball players wore loose shorts. A bit shorter than what the basketball players wore, but not like the underwear they wear now. The problem is not even spandex as much as it is the length. Women’s shorts are up to their.
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For school volleyball my daughter refuses to wear those shorts. Too bad club regulations force it. Makes me so damn mad. There was a line of men standing on the fence line elbowing each other. I kind of hate that the response to your complaint was to make the girls change their behavior, not the men. We practiced where the track runners, soccer players, and football guys could see us.

I did the same thing in my karate classes. My point is, the girls in this situation were given a choice of what to wear to practice. If you like taking off your clothes for attention, good for you…I am sure you can get it if you want it. Trying to get sexual attention in karate class?

Why must young women dress like this? Good post, thanks for writing it. Thank you so much for addressing this. I have watched girls wear these for years and am always horrified by it. Maybe if the boys were required to wear them as well, there would be change. In the western world for the past years, men have been publicly shamed over their bodies thanks to French Art critic Theophile Gautier.

Most ballet dancers were men. Men wore tights in public. Strength athletes wore tights. If a man did sports, dance, or any form of physical culture, he wore tights. As for taking pictures — I agree with the comment below that we need to just unite and start complaining because honestly — I LOVE having my picture taken, and did back then as well. For this same reason I never allowed my daughter to be a cheerleader. I LOVE this post. I saw a little girl walking through the grocery story the other day and had the same reaction.

It was stomach-cringing, to say the least. Jessica, thank you …this topic is enraging. I have a 2 year old daughter and an ex-AVP husband — this is surely in our future.

Thanks for the heads up. Thank you for writing about this topic. I was a college volleyball player 20 years ago and our uniforms were bike shorts…still too tight, but at least they covered out rear ends. Glad to see parents coming out against this.

This post reminds me of the feelings I had at dance conventions with my daughter. Thanks for this post. My 11 year old DD started Volleyball this year. When she came home saying she needed volleyball shorts I thought, what the heck do those look like? When I googled it I saw the images you saw. So after doing some in store research, I was able to find some comparable ones but she too felt uncomfortable, always pulling at them.

What I do for our pictures I get up on the highest end of the bleachers with my telephoto lens to try and get their upper halves playing and never share them online, not even on my personal FB.

Too many pervs out there but I hope other people too try to be tactful with their picture taking when it comes to taking photos of their kids in all sports. My daughter is also on swim team and not that the swim suits are not tasteful but they cut in and obviously swim suits hug the body.

Is it a regulation that she has to wear that? This one is probably worth it. Kicking a kid off a high school sports team for covering up would make national news. What would they do with a religious person who is bound by her beliefs to cover up? Another question — what if she wore knee length spandex shorts and the shorty shorts over them?

I was allowed to do this in college competitions. What if the uniform was full length tights? I think this is worth fighting for. There are so many girls volleyball photographs that exemplify the sport in a very tasteful, even heroic, way.

That said, I completely agree with the uniform issue itself. There is no need for shorts that restrictive. Instead of banning cameras, why not try to get the school board and other parents on board with Umbros? She has more to fear from her mom oversexualizing the context of everything. If you really want to search anonymously and without biased results you should use a proxy like Startpage. I played volleyball in high school with an award winning team and our shorts were considerably shorter.

Of course I went to a parochial school so that probably made all the difference. Yes, you might not be able to see their faces, and yes you can obviously find them online elsewhere, but why add to the issue? Another thing, I played volleyball well into college as well. Many of the women these guys are ogling on Redditt are college aged girls. If I were you I would petition the school to buy less revealing uniforms.

Those shorts are too short for high school aged girls in my opinion. You make some good points but where does it end? Unofficial York Lions Football Blog. I play volleyball and I like the way I look in my spandex and it is performance related, so suck on that. The shorts were underwear length and hideous.

That should effect the performance negatively, if anything. And were they appropriate? Why do the girls have to wear those, but the guys get basketball shorts? Some of the other parents, if not most, certainly agree with you. Parents, please be a voice for your children!

They are forced to grow up much too quickly nowadays. We have won 1st and 2nd place in our first 2 tournaments so far. Some men have foot fetishes but does that mean that you will make your daughter wear boots for the rest of her life? As long as you teach your daughter morals and not to wear her spands like a slore then she will be confident to be an athlete in her UNIFORM and dismiss remarks or gestures made by immature boys or twisted men. Spandex is a part of her uniform and for a parent to jeopardize her hobby because theyre uncomfortable is ridiculous.

I am a volleyball player of 7 years and I would be very upset to know that my mom would try to make it impossible for me to be photographed during play. Sorry to sound rude or aggressive but this topic is upsetting to a volleyball player. The uniform itself is sexualized. You are projecting your internal desires onto others. They are a child!

You need to seek help to deal with your internal conflicts. Therefore the tighter shorter shorts would be more of a hindrance to men than to women. Apples and oranges, or in this case more like pancakes and bananas.

If there was actually no advantage coaches would be working to change the uniform. Trophies are what help coaches keep their jobs long term. Winning is why they compete. While there is the occasional coach who care about the thrill of victory the majority are looking for ways to make their teams better all the time. The only thing sexualized about the uniform is the way you personally view it. By you I mean the individual not You.

I watch for the competition and the excitement of watching athletes give their all to win. I personally get more excited seeing Danica Patrick trackside in a firesuit than I do seeing teenage girls in spandex shorts playing volleyball.

Not because of the uniforms but because seeing the heart being put into winning reflected in the eyes of those women is exhilarating. The point is that spandex does not need to be part of a high school girls volleyball uniform. What has happened is the beach volleyball uniform-the swimsuit, has gradually been forced onto the high school girls as required to play on the team.

That is not right! Not everyone feels that it is acceptable for people to parade around in public in what looks like ones underwear. It is not neccesary to their performance. Cheerleaders is another one that is revolting. They wear special underwear so people can see tiger stripes when they show off their privates to the public. Did you ever watch collegiate volleyball 20 years ago? The shorts used to be even shorter high-cut brief style. I take great offense to the comments about cheerleaders.

So yeah, If my daughter played highschool volleyball I would have a problem with the uniform. I agree with you that the shorts are needlessly short and tight. Still, proposing the banning of cameras is absurd. Just address the issue directly. Also, even if you do wear longer shorts, 1. Its harder to move in 3. So quit complaining, suck it up, and finally, if you dont like what your daughter is wearing then have her do skiing or something where your covered up to your neck.

Two out of your three points show how immature you are. Did you even understand what this article was about? You have just proven this article correct. Two out of three of your points were fashion related. Honestly, if you win who cares how you look? One day when you have a daughter maybe you will understand. Taboo like the ones this article is reinforcing that spandex is bad, or seeing someone in spandex will turn people in perverts, or that girls or anyone should feel shame about their bodies being seen in form fitting clothing.

Let me get this straight: Have you seen what else is on the internet? I live in a country where both boys and girls and both men and women wear spandex shorts and pants for all kinds of sporting activities. Nobody makes a big deal about it because no one is sexualizing the clothing here like you did with this article.

Her point is that people are obviously taking pictures of underage girls in tight shorts and glorifying them as sexual image.

It has nothing to do with what else is on the internet. Oh, and the word you are looking for is moot, not mute. The problem is not even spandex as much as it is the length. Do you see the difference between uniforms? Not true, I used to bicycle to work and home everyday and I wore spandex to do so.

Spandex shorts can be very binding to a certain appendage if you move around a lot in them. But looser shorts can snag on things. Or worse, they can allow stinging insects to fly up into them while riding down the road. There is a clear advantage to wearing spandex when cycling but the binding makes them more of a hindrance in many sports.

The spandex has a better chance not to be pulled off or ride up in the event of a slide across a gymnasium floor than looser shorts, such as basketball shorts. Male uniforms are different from female uniforms for varying reasons and function is more of it than form. Coaches care about performance, if the uniform was more of a distraction or hindrance then the coaches would be seeking to change them.

Someone pointed this discussion out to me. No matter what age they are But the suggestion to ban photographers is extreme i think. I am a professional photographer and the bulk of my income comes from paying vendor fees to shoot volleyball tournaments and my employees and i sell them on site at the tournaments. I have been playing for about 8 years now and its just always been a requirement for games.

But you can wear work out shorts to practice if it really bothers a young girl a lot. In my opinion it is easier to play in spandex but they are not built for my body type, I have hips and larger thighs due to muscles and they are mainly for girls with really skinny legs, and of course being height of males.

I love the sport, the uniforms have always been an issue with me, team mates, and my parents. They tend to get smaller and smaller the older you get.

Mainly because the uniforms are made for all ages including 9 year olds. I do not blame anyone for questioning the uniforms or not wanting pictures taken cause its pretty degrading and makes us volleyball players seem nonathletic and slutty. I understand what you are saying and I understand that your motherly instincts are kicking in, but you are assuming way too many things about every guy out there.

Are you going to make your daughter wear swimming trunks to the beach? They cover less than spandex but are socially acceptable because everyone wears them. Most men also wear swimming trunks because that is normal. This is why men wear shorts to play volleyball. It is the same thing. How is this different from swimsuits that girls wear on their swim and dive teams or leotards that gymnasts wear?

Perhaps the point you are making is that the sports I mentioned have those uniforms for practical reasons while one could debate the practical necessity of volleyball shorts designed as they currently are. As for the other issue regarding forbidding of anyone photographing your daughter at competitions, that will never happen.

You can legally take pictures of anything that is visible to the general public whether it or you are on public or private property. That means you can legally take pictures of children, athletes, people on the street, beach bathers, buildings, cars, policemen, accident scenes, government officials, airplanes, airports, trains, and so on.

You can legally take pictures when you are on private property, if that property is open to the public e. Basically — If anyone can see it, you can shoot it. You do not need permission to take pictures.

There are laws regarding what a person can publish but preventing someone from taking pictures from a place open to the public is generally not legally enforceable. I can just put my hand over the lens. You can ask someone not to include your daughter in a photograph, but you are merely requesting someone to not photograph your daughter, as such a request cannot be enforced.

Your request in and of itself is not complicated but you cannot enforce it, so it does become complicated. If you are implying that you as the mother would cover my lense preventing me from photographing something I have a legal right to photograph, then you can bet things will get complicated very quickly. How do you know what is being captured in my camera? What about all the scores of people at an event, each with their own camera or camera phone?

I routinely do this for gymnastics and track, capturing the gymnastics routines of other girls or the high jump technique of other well known athletes so my daughter can size up competition or improve her own technique.

She specifically requests that I video certain athletes. You are assuming the worst about someone else just because they have a camera in their hand and that they either are a child-molester or that their photographs will end up serving the depraved desires of those who are. You are making an assumption about my intent and my subject merely based upon having a camera or camera phone in my hand pointed in some general direction that you just assume must include your daughter.

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